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Elon Musks 'Neural Lace' To 'Achieve Symbiosis With Machines'

•, By: Robin Andrews

Elon Musk is having a hard time at the moment. Amid all the sound and fury, however, it's sometimes easy to forget that he's constantly coming up with new, visionary ideas, including the Hyperloop. Another future endeavor that may have been lost in the noise involves a so-called "neural lace," an interface that links human brains with computer software.

After discussing the possibility of such a device at Code Conference in California this June, Musk took to Twitter to update the world on the idea. He claims that a neural lace will help humans "achieve symbiosis with machines," a subset of a movement known as transhumanism.

According to Inverse, Musk's invention will be a computer interface woven into the brain, allowing the user to access, for example, the Internet just by thinking, and even perhaps store backups of a person's mind in case the person physically dies. By being wirelessly enabled, the device could allow us to write, paint, and communicate just by thinking.

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