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How 3D Printing is Revolutionizing the Housing


The housing industry is like a roller coaster.

The housing crash left houses empty and people homeless. Some neighborhoods are still littered with empty and decaying homes, some having stood empty going on 10 years now.

By this point, a lot of these homes aren't even worth repairing. Since the crash, there has been a lot of conversation, and demand, for more housing options.

And why not? Engineers have discovered cheaper, more eco-friendly and sustainable housing options. Why not use them?

Current homes were built between 40 and 100 years ago. They now show signs of wood rot, weakening foundation, insect infestations, and mold. And without modern insulation and windows, residents shoulder high power and heating costs.

These problems will only get worse as time goes on. But what's going to replace them?

Will people build more of the same, or start building smarter?

New Era of Housing

If you imagine a "Jetsons" style future, you may be disappointed. Likely most structures will resemble current styles, but with hidden improvements in the materials and design.

When the market demands something new, the industry will eventually abide.

Alternatives to traditional homes are already popping up. And surprisingly, a lot of these options are significantly cheaper than current construction methods. Plus, many of these homes continue to save you money in efficiency in the long term.

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