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While everyone was watching Game of Thrones, Big Tech just seized monopoly control over all...


(Natural News) As tens of millions of filth-addicted Americans have been gorging themselves on the trashy, low-grade HBO pornography series "Game of Thrones," Apple has quietly taken yet another step towards absolute totalitarianism, banning Natural News from its "Apple News" platform for publishing information that Apple claims is "rejected by the scientific community."

It would appear as though Apple is particularly offended by Natural News telling the truth about carbon dioxide (CO2), the "greenhouse gas" that climate fanatics claim is causing "global warming." Since we don't subscribe to the pseudoscientific fear-mongering that CO2 is a "pollutant," Apple says we're spreading "misinformation," which is apparently no longer allowed, First Amendment be damned.

Even though the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) agrees with Natural News that CO2 has been around forever and is actually good for the planet, helping to "re-green" it, Apple disagrees – and when Big Tech disagrees with something, it instantly becomes impermissible "hate speech," in case you didn't know.

Natural News recently received an official notice from Apple News explaining that, because we believe that CO2 is good for plants and helps them to grow and thrive, representing a key component of the life cycle on Earth, that our "channel has been disabled," and our content "removed from Apple News" because it doesn't "comply with … Apple News guidelines."

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