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Bondi and nearby beaches in Sydney's east to be cleared of crowds after thousands...


Bondi and other beaches in Sydney's east have been been put in a lockdown that will severely restrict public access in a bid to slow the spread of the coronavirus, after droves of careless sun-seekers ignored social distancing rules and flocked there on Friday.

In an unprecedented move, Waverley council officials said a maximum of 500 people would be allowed on Bondi, Bronte and Tamarama beaches from Sunday, after shocking pictures showed thousands of sunbathers ignoring health warnings.

Australia suffered a huge overnight spike in coronavirus cases, taking the national total to 1,041, prompting calls for people to do their bit to stop it spreading further.  

But the spiralling health crisis was clearly of little concern to the beachgoers, with health minister Greg Hunt accusing them of 'putting others at risk'.  

Speaking from Bondi Beach on Saturday afternoon, police minister David Elliot said: 'This is the most irresponsible behaviour we've seen so far. 

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Somebody in a forum somewhere said, "To all my friends and members, stay safe out there, be well." How can you be well when police and military are threatening you for no reason? What do I mean, NO REASON? Military and police are sent into their own country for reasons. But there are no reasons that are admissible in court to prove that there is a reason. There isn't enough evidence or proof, and there aren't enough people with true knowledge who will get on the stand and speak the threat with proper evidence to show that the threat is real. The medical is 99% guessing. There is something. But the people who are sick and dead, are so because of many different reasons... not the plague that governments and medical people are making it into.