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Blain: "Massive Consequences Are Coming..."

• by Bill Blain

 Non Farm Payrolls is the big one due on Friday… What will it tell us about the state of the US economy and indicate for the globe? 

More of the same I expect. We will remain constantly looking over our shoulders and wondering about market risks – disbelieving the current euphoric valuations versus the frankly miserable outlook. We'll keep trying to guess how the global economy is changing and where the threats and opportunities lie, all-the-while working out what central banks will do next and wondering how to arbitrage their actions. AND trying to overlay our outlooks with… The Virus.. What about the Virus? 

For every economic release that seems to suggest underlying global economic resilience, it feels like there will be an "equal and opposite" force in the form of renewed social distancing, travel restrictions or even lockdowns as second waves or hot-spots threaten. Renewed restrictions feel likely to strangle any real recovery.  It's not just me that's wondering if this is any way to run an economy…