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Superfoods for GUNS: How to clean and lubricate firearms using orange peel extracts and COCONUT OIL

•, Mike Adams

In today's featured video at, I reveal how to clean and lubricate firearms using superfoods instead of toxic, liver-damaging solvents and cleaning chemicals.

Specifically, this video shows you:

How to make an ultrasonic gun cleaning solution using orange peel extract (D-Limonene) as the primary solvent.

How to clean and lubricate firearms using coconut oil.

Coconut oil is truly one of the most diverse superfoods on the planet. In addition to being used as a cleaner and lubricant for firearms, it can also be used as:

A frying oil

A "healthy fat" ingredient in smoothies

A personal lubricant

A carrier for essential oils or herbal extracts, used as part of a skin cream base

A household lubricant for hinges, door knobs and mechanical parts

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