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Are the Masses Dumb?

•, By Robert Wenzel

I am referring to the following:

Here's the problem: There is no "intellectual struggle". The general masses are ignorant and apathetic, while the segment who consider themselves 'informed' will immediately go into cognitive dissonance mode when confronted with even simple problematic facts.


.I have referenced the Idiocracy impact numerous times for years here.

You truly cant debate with stupid. I fully expect socialism of some sort until little Jimmy and Jenny snowflake get their ass handed to them and then it will be simultaneously too late and too little.

Calling the masses ignorant misses the point.

All of us are ignorant about very many things where some small part of the masses on particular points are very knowledgeable.

This is the way of the world. This is why the division of labor works.

The world of political science and also economics are no different except in one key aspect. To most of us, we know, say, that it takes deep understanding to grasp the mathematical concepts embedded in multivariate calculus.

But the world of political science and of economics, in contrast, looks easy, when it is not.

Unfortunately, shallow thinking in these sciences leads most to support various central planning efforts.