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Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rules Counties Can't Reject Mail-In Ballots When Signatures Don't

• Zero Hedge

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled in Friday that mail-in ballots cannot be rejected when their signatures don't match voters' signatures on file.

"[C]ounty boards of elections are prohibited from rejecting absentee or mail-in ballots based on signature comparison conducted by county election officials or employees, or as the result of third-party challenges based on signature analysis and comparisons," wrote Justice Debra Todd (D) in the decision.

While the decision was unanimous, there are notably five Democrats and two Republicans on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Doesn't standard law state that your "mark" can be considered your signature? If your mark is an "X," it's still your signature. If it's any other mark that you make, it's your signature. The signed votes would have to be taken to court, where each person who signed a vote would literally have to get on the stand and claim that it was his mark... each man or woman individually. This would take years, and cost $billions. --- The point is, all signatures the government receives without courtroom "viva voce" acknowledgement by the signer, are simply persons doing the signing, not men and women doing the signing. All signatures are essentially without meaning until they are adjudicated in court to have meaning. But if a man or woman outside of court upholds that a signature is real in his life, other people may accept the same if they want.

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