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DC comics unveils new gender-fluid superhero called Kid Quick who moves at hypersonic speed...


It has created some of the most iconic superheroes – and heroines – in history, including Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

Now DC Comics has introduced the first non-binary character in its hugely popular comic book series The Flash.

'Kid Quick' will debut next month as part of an 'alternate-universe' version of 'DC's Merry Multiverse', a holiday-themed comic book anthology. The character, which can move at hypersonic speed, will use they/them pronouns.

The Flash, which was created in 1939, is based on a university student who gains 'super-speed' after being doused in chemicals that have been struck by lightning.

After appearing in the holiday special, Kid Quick, whose 'Earth name' is Jess Chambers, will take on the mantle of The Flash in an upcoming comic book series called Future State: Justice League.

Writer Ivan Cohen said: 'There are so many Flash characters in the DC Multiverse and we knew anyone we added to that category had to be really different from the rest. We've got this super-fast character, Kid Quick, and I thought Kid can really be any gender.'