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KFC Rolls Out Self-Driving 5G 'Chicken Trucks' in China

•, By Derya Ozdemir

The COVID-19 pandemic has made contactless payment and delivery systems a must, and with the public still encouraged to practice social distancing, brans are chiming in with their innovative approaches to the issue.

Most recently, KFC started deploying 5G autonomous vehicles in Shanghai, China. Those looking for their fix of finger-licking meals will be able to do so without interacting with a human.

First spotted by Twitter users

These self-driving 'chicken trucks' serving socially-distanced food were first spotted by users on Twitter last week. The trucks seem to be a part of a partnership between Chinese tech startup Neolix and Yum Brands, which owns KFC, per Road Show.

It appears that the autonomous trucks enable customers to order what they want from the screens and pay via QR code. After the transaction, the door opens to reveal their order, and since there isn't anyone inside preparing the food, the whole thing ends without the customer and the KFC staff interacting.