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The Greatest Technology Shift on Planet Earth of all Time; is Now on the Way! || Mark Baughman

• arclein

There have been only eleven wars officially declared by Congress, but with newer laws the President can involve troops, at almost his/her discretion, any of our American Presidents could have ordered our military into conflicts, in September of 2014, our U.S. Special Operation Command was involved in no less than 134 conflicts in the world at one time, under Obama administration. From "The World" news article "These were conflicts that launched extensive military incursions, including drone attacks, but that are not officially declared." One can easily see that the "Military Industrial Complex" and back-room deals and paid off politicians get money to keep the "war machine" and money-flow going. Of course, this is with the objectives of the super-rich illuminati and their bankers to keep printing money in "their name".