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All 4 nurses in a Kansas county's health department refused to give out COVID-19 vaccines

• Business Insider

-All four nurses in one Kansas county's health department refused to give patients COVID-19 vaccines.

-The health department administrator shared debunked vaccine misinformation as part of their reasoning.

-The county will contract with other nurses to distribute the vaccine.

All four nurses working in the health department of Coffey County in Kansas said they wouldn't give people the COVID-19 vaccine, a sign of how misinformation about the shots is spreading even among health professionals.

In a January 4 county commission meeting, health department administrator Lindsay Payer said that they were not willing to give the COVID-19 vaccine, The Daily Beast reported.

"My staff is not comfortable with that. It's a new technology we've never seen before," Payer told the Board of Commissioners in the meeting, which is available on YouTube.

MRNA vaccines, like those being distributed now for the coronavirus, have been studied since the 1990s.

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Comment by Andy Lamdin
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I consider the article as a fairly slick piece of status quo propaganda with a click-bait title. Business Insider readers, on a continuum, are somewhat critical thinkers -- more so than those who consume only lame stream dinosaur media. Or, maybe I'm just more attuned to picking up on such things. As an aside, the captcha wanted me to click the parking meters. BUT, it wouldn't allow me to advance until I clicked the mailbox that was clearly in a roadside country setting/field.

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