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Trump's Fall and the Rise of the Tribal Collectivists

•, by Richard M. Ebeling

This is threatening to become the situation in America today with the ideological dogmatism seen in the mindset and extremism of the identity politics warriors and cancel culture crusaders, and their allies in the political party that has swept into controlling power in Washington, D.C. as a result of the recent presidential and congressional elections.

We see that not only to the victor goes the spoils, but a vengefulness of taking advantage of the victory to seemingly condemn and exorcize all and everything viewed as part of the defeated "deplorables." Not that Donald Trump and many in the Republican Party had not brought this down on themselves. In his manner and message from the time he began running for the office of the presidency, Trump aroused anger, shock, and contempt in many who listened to his words and watched his deeds.

Trump's Arrogance and Ego

He told the media that he could shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue in New York City and his supporters would still vote for him. At a campaign rally in 2016, he encouraged his followers to physically rough someone up in the crowd, and assured any who might act on his words that he'd cover their legal expenses. His arrogance had no bounds. When asked during the 2016 campaign why he seemed to have so few policy advisors around him, he replied that he did not need them since he was the smartest person he had ever met.

The man who ghost wrote Trump's, The Art of the Deal, said that in the 18 months during which he followed Trump around at his home or his places of business, one thing seemed to be always absent among the furnishings: books of any type. Why bother reading anything written in the past or the present when you already know everything that is worth knowing? Even though he seemed to have put hardly any actual word on paper while the book was being written, "Trump appeared to have convinced himself that he had written the book," said the ghostwriter, Tony Schwartz. Reality was what Trump wanted it to be.