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Stop Radical UN Paris Climate Agreement Implementation Disguised as "Infrastructure" Bill

•, John Birch Society

Only 25% of the $2.5 trillion bill will be spent on infrastructure, and the rest will be used to fund a far-left environmental agenda that calls for "100 percent carbon-free electricity by 2035" and "net-zero emissions by 2050." To achieve this, a radical government-mandated restructuring of the American economy would occur as outlined in the the Paris climate agreement with the United Nations driving US domestic policy.

Proposed Spending:

$700 billion on subsidies and tax credits for "green" energy
$300 billion for business and manufacturing
$400 billion for care for the elderly and the disabled
$100 billion for workforce development programs
$100 billion for school construction
$25 billion for child-care facilities
$174 billion on electric vehicles
$85 billion for mass transit

URGENT: Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer formally began the budget reconciliation process, which allows the Senate to pass legislation with only a simple majority. Schumer stated that he will use "reconciliation" to force through Biden's "infrastructure" plan. Tell your senators to put an end to this!