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What You Need to Know About Health Hazards After a Flood

• by Daisy Luther

As if the loss of life and property isn't enough, there other many hazards that arrive with flooding and persist long after the initial rise in water levels.

There are several diseases and myriad other health concerns that go hand in hand with freshwater flooding, and no matter where you live there are risks that can cost you your life that have nothing to do with drowning.

Lizzie Bennett, a medical professional and the author of the UK blog Underground Medic, compiled a comprehensive list of flood hazards. This is one to print out in and put in your preparedness binder to have on hand should you ever find the waters rising near your home.


The floodwaters are likely to be full of debris which can cause injury but it's what's lurking unseen in the water that can cause really cause problems. The power of water is unbelievable. Just a foot depth of fast flowing water can knock an adult of their feet, and less than that will knock over a more infirm individual. That amount of force can carry things along for a considerable distance. What's more, in deeper water there is no way you can know what lies under the water.