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Message to House Committee on Oversight & Reform: I'll be YOUR Huckleberry, too!


Note the reference to, "dark money" at the end. I would have thought there was nothing dark about it at this point, but somehow it was missed in Arizona, so let me state it plainly: I, Patrick Byrne, worked with Arizonians whose grassroots efforts nurtured the audit into existence, I arranged funding for much of the audit, and most of the money was mine (I think Mike Flynn and my organizations together put in nearly $5 million, of which about 80% was from the America Project (but about 2/3 of that was from me personally). Given the number of interviews, social emdia posts, and essays I have written explaining my involvement I would have thought I was hard to miss, but there you have it, House Committee on Oversight: that "dark money" you are hoping to track down is none other than…. ME! ????

Good news though, Ms. Gao! And Chair Maloney! I have checked my schedule, and I am indeed available tomorrow morning at 10 A.M. Eastern. In addition, I'd happy to make myself available. Just reach out to me at The America Project today and I will be there in DC in the morning.