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Merrick Garland's Problems With His Son-In Law Just Got Worse

• by Andrew Widburg

---but do interfere with children's health, learning, and socialization. Their vigorous complaints saw the National School Board Association suggest they're "domestic terrorists" and Merrick Garland answer the call. We learned, too, that Merrick Garland's son-in-law, through his company, Panorama Education, sells CRT materials to public schools. And yesterday, it turned out that Panorama is also spreading material calling Trump and his supporters "white supremacists."

Alexander "Xan" Tanner, a very White man, is married to Merrick Garland's daughter. Tanner co-founded Panorama Education, which purports to provide a data platform that delves into students' psychosocial issues in order to help schools intervene in problems and improve the school climate. In a word, it's creepy. The company, of course, insists that it's all about diversity:

We believe Panorama is strongest when our team reflects the tremendous diversity of the students, families, and educators we serve. We aim for Panorama to be a place where team members from a wide range of identities and experiences are valued, included, and able to thrive. In our partnership with clients, we work to increase equitable access to education, especially for students from communities that have been historically underserved by America's schools.

Yeah, right.... Go to the linked webpage and look at the employee picture. It's a sea of White faces with a small number of racial minorities among them. All these people, obviously, have used their White privilege to deprive BIPOCS of career opportunities and, according to their own values, should be ashamed of themselves. Still, these privileged White employees feel competent to assure school districts that they'll help fix racial inequities on campus.