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Rand Paul Slams National Debt Crisis, Inflation, and Socialism in Memorable Senate Speech

• by Brad Polumbo

Most of the politicians in Washington, DC are focused on a push to spend trillions of more taxpayer dollars on President Biden's agenda. But Senator Rand Paul is raising the alarm about all the money the federal government has already spent—that it doesn't have.   

"We're rapidly approaching a milestone in our country, and it's not a good one: $30 trillion in debt," Paul noted in a fiery Senate speech on Thursday. He said that the federal government is accumulating "$2 million per minute" in new debt.  

Why is the fiscal situation so out of control? The senator blamed the "bait and switch" politics of big government spending and the welfare state.  

"People are saying we're going to give you free college, free cars, free cell phones, free this, free that," Paul said. "Everything in life will be free, you won't have to work anymore. The problem is there are ramifications. Money doesn't grow on trees… money's got to come from somewhere."