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Arizona Governor Quietly Signs Mass Vaccination Tracking Program

• The Liberty Loft

Phoenix, AZ — If the American people have learned anything since March of 2020, never trust a politician. Never!

Politicians will lie to your face and then stab you in the back. In fact, Republicans are probably the worst. Democrats are far more open about their authoritarian impulses.

Case in point, Arizona's Republican Gov. Doug Ducey. In August, Ducey issued an Executive Order (EO) proclaiming that Arizonans would be protected from "vaccine" mandates which included a signing statement and press release to push out to the media.

However, Ducey signed an EO on Oct. 8 instituting a radical tracking system that everybody who submits to the jab must pass their personal information to the state and the federal government. And of course, no signing statement could be found nor press release.