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ChatGPT-4 out; Know what are the main differences from ChatGPT

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It came out on a unique date 3.14 or March 14 which is also Pi day, a mathematician's favorite. Coincidence or intentional? We will leave it to you. Earlier it was ChatGPT that grabbed the headlines with its extraordinary functions and capabilities. Its talks were not down yet, and a newer version came and took over the show.

The CEO of OpenAI had this to say in his recent release. "Here's GPT-4, our most capable and aligned model yet. It is available today in our API(with a wait list) and in ChatGPT+" adding to that he admitted that GPT-4 is flawed, limited, and seems more impressive when used for the first time than it does after spending some time on it."

1) Review of esteemed sources suggests that ChatGPT-4 is larger, more fluent, and faster than ChatGPT.
2) If you are a newbie and have never been on ChatGPT, we suggest you use ChatGPT first and not ChatGPT-4 because the former is cost-free. If you go well with ChatGPT, you can opt for ChatGPT+ which will give you access to ChatGPT-4 also.3) If you're already using some other AI instead of ChatGPT, we recommend you to use ChatGPT-4 as it is enriched with a plethora of features that will let you explore AI in unprecedented ways.
4) However, the cost of using ChatGPT-4 is much much higher than using ChatGPT so if you are in a dire need of experimenting with AI, you can surely go for GPT4. Spend mindfully.