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'SNL' Alum Jim Belushi Blazed a Trail Outside His Comfort Zone to Farm Cannabis

•, by Lucas Manfredi

The show follows the "According to Jim" actor as he works to turn an 80-acre property near Southern Oregon's Rogue River into a massive cannabis empire known as Belushi's Farm. He became the founder of the company in 2015 after buying the property from his neighbors Charlie and Becca.

"I didn't know what to do with it," Belushi recalled in an interview with TheWrap. "Danny Aykroyd said 'Jimmy, cannabis is legal in Oregon. Why don't you grow cannabis? I have a great grower for you, Captain Jack.' And Captain Jack was the weed dealer for "Saturday Night Live" back in the day. He was known as the smell of "SNL" and he had these proprietary seeds from Afghanistan that were what we call landraces, seed strains, which means they've never been a hybrid or mixed, they're original. So I said, 'Oh, that sounds fun.' And then it just snowballed from there and we started growing 12 plants and 48 plants and then expanded. Now, I'm growing four greenhouses and we're all over Oregon and this year we'll be in 12 states."

The 68-year-old noted that becoming a cannabis farmer has made him step outside his comfort zone.

"I've never done anything like this. I'm using every piece of knowledge that I've gained through all these years of being in this business and trying to put it all in this one show and I think we're doing it," he explained. "My purpose has always been as a comic actor to make people feel good ... and in cannabis it's the same purpose."