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Alabama Ready To Be First To Kill Inmate By Forced Breathing Of Nitrogen

• by Tyler Durden

That man is Kenneth Eugene Smith. Now 58, Smith was convicted in 1988 for killing the wife of a preacher -- in a murder-for-hire scheme initiated by that preacher, who hoped to cash in on a life insurance policy and pay off his debts. The victim, Elizabeth Sennett, was found dead in the couple's home on Coon Dog Cemetary Road in rural Colbert County, having been bludgeoned with a fireplace tool and stabbed nine times in what was supposed to look like a home invasion.  

Smith and his partner in crime carried out the murder for payments of just $1,000 each. That partner was executed in 2010. The preacher spared everyone the legal hassle: After investigators honed in on him, he confessed to his sons and their families that he'd had an affair and hired the killers -- then immediately strolled to his old pickup truck, sat in the front seat and shot himself, fatally.