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"They're Going to Go Through Her Record in South Carolina and NOT Just..."

•, By Jim Hoft

Steve Bannon went off on Nikki Haley following her disgusting attacks on President Trump following her bitter loss in New Hampshire last night.

President Trump handily won the New Hampshire primary. The race was called within minutes of the polls closing.

Following her defeat Nikki vowed to continue her fight to damage President Trump in the general election. 70% of her votes last night were from non-Republicans! That tells you everything.

Bannon warned Neocon Nikki what's coming next.

Steve Bannon: The sovereignty of her citizen, sovereignty of her territory, the territorial integrity, no, that's about the southern border of the United States of America. That's what we care about. And right now because a couple of things are happening and so after New Hampshire, after a crushing defeat, Nikki Haley goes up, gives this phony victory speech and mocks President Trump.

And I hope for the people around President Trump and there are many that have been pushing birdbrain as VP. I hate to say it once again, Steve Bannon's right and you are wrong, and you can see it in her full glory.

The nastiness of what she came after. President Trump with, everything President Trump's been through, everything he's been through, to attack him like that shows you how no class she is. And you want to know how no class she is? Well, she wants South Carolina and trust me, they're going to go through her record in South Carolina and not just her political record.