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Iran Vows To Hit Back If US Strikes Target Its Soil; US Destroyer Comes Under Attack In Red Sea

•, by Tyler Durden

The Guardian reported Tuesday that a 'warning' over red lines has been issued via diplomatic channels. "Iran has told the US via intermediaries that if it strikes Iranian soil directly, Tehran will itself hit back at American assets in the Middle East, drawing the two sides into a direct conflict," according to the report.

The Islamic Republic remains on 'high alert' - while in Iraq one of the main Shia militias in Iraq which is believed responsible for the killing of the Americans, Kataib Hezbollah, announced it is suspending all operations against US troops and bases in Iraq and Syria.

"We announce the suspension of military and security operations against the occupation forces," Kataib Hezbollah said in the statement. The group said it was motivated in large part because it did not want to cause "embarrassment to the Iraqi government." The Iraqi government has lately clarified its stance that it wants to immediately see all US and Western coalition forces exit the country on a permanent basis.

The announcement was immediately subject of much speculation. Is it a ploy to buy more time? Is it a last-ditch effort toward peace? Is it a deception? Most US media pundits looked upon it as meaningless.

The US administration's response has essentially been that it's 'too late' and President Biden has already made the decision. Given no attack came in the overnight hours, there's a likelihood it will happen tonight. 

The Pentagon has indicated it is ignoring the Kataib Hezbollah message and that it won't change the US plans for a major response. Kataib Hezbollah has at no point taken credit for the Tower 22 attack, while US officials have said it has the "footprint" of the group linked to Iran. And more from Tehran officials...