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Vit D research, definitive and significant

• Dr John Campbell -

Vitamin D supplementation has a protective effect, against the incidence of COVID-19 in RCT studies,

OR 0.403, (95% IC 0.218, 0.747)

In the RCTs performed on HCWs, the overall reduction in risk in the population supplemented with vitamin D was approximately 80%

Against the incidence of COVID-19 in analytical studies

OR = 0.592, (95% IC 0.476–0.736)

Against the incidence of COVID-19 ICU admission

OR 0.317, (95% IC 0.147–0.680).

Our meta-analysis suggests a definitive and significant association between the protective role of vitamin D and COVID-19 incidence and ICU admission.

Preventive Vitamin D Supplementation and Risk for COVID-19 Infection: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

(28th Feb 2024)

Vitamin D, crucial roles

Bone homeostasis, muscle function, oncogenesis, immune response and metabolism.

In the context of the COVID-19

Numerous researchers have tried to determine the role vitamin D in the immune response to the virus.

Systematic review and meta-analysis, 15th May 2023

Preventive vitamin D supplementation, 16 publications

N = 1,262,235 participants,

A protective role in

Incidence of COVID-19


Admission to intensive care units (ICUs).

We calculated the Odds Ratios

The assessment of potential bias and the evaluation of study quality will be conducted independently by two researchers.

Extra information

The majority of the effects of vitamin D are mediated by the VDR, which promotes the expression of genes containing specific DNA sequences and is expressed in almost all nucleated cells

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