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Here Come the Lying AI Robots: Study Alerts That AI Systems Are Getting Adept...

•, By Paul Serran

AI is all the rage, right now, with both the benefits and the dangers of this breakthrough tech being discussed to the exhaustion.

AI is said to help us code, write, and synthesize vast amounts of data. They reportedly can outwit humans at board games, decode the structure of proteins and hold a rudimentary conversation.

But now it surfaces a study claiming that AI systems have grown in sophistication to the point of developing a capacity for deception.

The paper states that A range of AI systems have learned techniques to systematically induce 'false beliefs in others to accomplish some outcome other than the truth'.

Business Insider reported:

"The paper focused on two types of AI systems: special-use systems like Meta's CICERO, which are designed to complete a specific task, and general-purpose systems like OpenAI's GPT-4, which are trained to perform a diverse range of tasks.

While these systems are trained to be honest, they often learn deceptive tricks through their training because they can be more effective than taking the high road.

'Generally speaking, we think AI deception arises because a deception-based strategy turned out to be the best way to perform well at the given AI's training task. Deception helps them achieve their goals," the paper's first author Peter S. Park, an AI existential safety postdoctoral fellow at MIT, said in a news release'."