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Raw Milk At The Crossroads… Again

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Few of us were born when the forces for milk pasteurization launched the first major attack on Nature's perfect food. In 1945, a magazine called Coronet published an article, "Raw Milk Can Kill You," blaming raw milk for an outbreak of brucellosis in a town called Crossroads, U.S.A., killing one-third of the inhabitants. The Reader's Digest picked up the story and ran it a year later.

Coronet Magazine, May 1945

Just one problem with this piece of "reporting."  There was no town called Crossroads and no outbreak of brucellosis.  The whole story was a fabrication—otherwise known as a lie.  And lies about raw milk have continued ever since.

Unfortunately, the fictitious Crossroads story paved the way for laws against selling raw milk, starting with Michigan in 1948.

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