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Self-inflating Tesla mattress brings hotel comfort to Y micro-camping

•, By C.C. Weiss

The multilayer mattress levels out the vehicle and creates a cushy surface on which two people can comfortably sleep the night away. An integrated pump inflates it in a matter of minutes and lets campers adjust the pressure at the push of a button for a better night of sleep.

Snuuzu cofounder Omar Tegel was an early adopter of the Tesla Model S when it launched in Europe in 2013. An instant fan of the car, Tegel began journeying around the continent from his home country of the Netherlands, enjoying the quiet, emissions-free travel experience that a Tesla afforded. He went on to purchase future Tesla models and began using the cars as ultralight RVs, switching them into "camper mode" while sleeping atop the folded rear seats.

While loving the freedom and adventure of the open road, Tegel – particularly his back – didn't always love the physical experience of sleeping in his Tesla. Unable to find a mattress built to his hotel-spec demands, he began designing his own, founding Snuuzu in 2021 with his son Per and Djai Bereiter.

Together, the trio came up with a multilayer mattress design meant to be as comfortable as any home or hotel mattress, only fit to the Model Y and 3. It starts with a soft, breathable top layer of Lyocell, supported directly below by a layer of memory foam. One level down, the patent-pending asymmetrical inflatable layer levels out the uneven base of the Tesla trunk and folded seats into a flat, comfortable lying surface. A durable, waterproof base layer helps to protect the mattress from the rigors of road travel.