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Education Nightmare: Baltimore & Chicago Public Schools Spend, Spend, Spend As Test Scores Drop

•, by Tyler Durden

Baltimore City and Chicago Public Schools are spending taxpayer monies like there's no tomorrow, yet math and reading test scores are shockingly low. Radical leftists, who are embedded in these school systems, along with the officials in City Halls in these respective imploding metro areas, have ideals and beliefs not rooted in reality. Their progressive agendas have failed the youth and also unleashed a tidal wave of crime and chaos.

These are not new problems for crime-ridden Baltimore City and Chicago. The school systems in these metro areas have been failing the nation's future generations for years. Still, it's only now becoming absolutely insane that woke leftists are continuing to run these education systems into the ground. 

Take, for instance, Chicago. Data from the non-profit Illinois Policy shows education spending has surged 97% since 2012, but student proficiency in reading has declined by 63% and by 78% in math for grades 3-8. 

Since 2012, spending has increased by 97%, but student proficiency in reading has declined by 63% and by 78% in math for grades 3-8. With the costs of the demands outlined above – which represents only a fraction of CTU's latest demands – annual spending is set to triple compared to 2012 levels. -Illinois Policy

"Chicagoans rightfully concerned about the futures of their children – and their wallets – should sign up to make their voices heard," Illinois Policy wrote in a report

In Baltimore, investigative journalist Chris Papst of Fox45 News' Project Baltimore has been uncovering massive fraud in the school system, from grade rigging to other corruption that extends to the Maryland State Superintendent of Schools

Papst's latest report reveals a trend strikingly similar to that of Chicago's:

Baltimore City Schools continues to get more funding, but new numbers show student achievement is going in the wrong direction.

Project Baltimore looked at the most recent numbers, which show less than half of last year's ninth graders were on track to graduate in four years.