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Yikes! Guess who was named dangerous 'patriot' group

• World Net Daily
Southern Poverty Law Center publishes 'antigovernment, conspiracy-minded' list. A new report from the Southern Poverty Law Center on "hate groups" warns of the explosive growth in 2010 of extremist, "patriot" organizations, among them the Constitution Party, Oath Keepers and WorldNetDaily. In the Spring 2011 issue of its Intelligence Report, titled "The Year in Hate & Extremism," the SPLC identifies 824 "patriot" organizations it says "define themselves as opposed to the 'New World Order,' engage in groundless conspiracy theorizing or advocate or adhere to extreme antigovernment doctrines." "Hate groups topped 1,000 for the first time since the Southern Poverty Law Center began counting such groups in the 1980s," writes the SPLC's Mark Potok in the issue's lead article. "But by far the most dramatic growth came in the antigovernment 'Patriot' movement – conspiracy-minded organizations that see the federal government as their primary enemy – which gained more than 300 new group

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Comment by Ken Valentine
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 Perhaps it could be said that the Southern Poverty Law Center is a part of STENCH: the Society for the Total Elimination of Non-Conforming Humans.

Comment by Gene Kernan
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Hmm.  "'...furious rhetoric from the right aimed at the nation's first black president,' Potok writes...".

Who's been picking on Bill Clinton again?