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AZ Rep Calls for Pima County Republican Party Chairman to Resign

• e-mail from Terri Proud

Over the past couple of weeks, the Chairman of the Pima County Republican party has participated in multiple radio call in shows as well as making statements on  television news shows. He has continued to express his opinion related to  law enforcement's handling of the Jose Guerena hostile warrant service and subsequent shooting of May 5th. 


I'm not sending this email to engage him in a discussion of whether Mr. Miller's comments were based on fact or on an uncontrolled emotional outburst.  This email is to clarify that Mr. Miller's personal opinion does not represent mine. 


People are entitled to their personal opinion; however the Chairman's role is to stay focused on getting Republicans elected. Instead, during the past few weeks his focus has been on his personal issues and he has not made it sufficiently clear that they are his opinions, and not those of the Pima County Republican Party.  He was not authorized by the Executive Committee to make his statements the official policy of the Republican Party. 


The reason we have checks and balances is so that one person doesn't have full authority over any body. Mr. Miller has decided to take over the Executive Committee's role by exerting his opinions as policy, refusing to adhere to the Executive Committee's requests, refusing to adhere to the Elected Officials requests and has refused to advocate for the Republican Party.


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Comment by Ed Vallejo
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Powell - I didn't know what you were talking about, but I do now! 

Comment by Mary Long
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 well it is interesting that this person is running for some office as this is what is at the end of her email saying he should resign.?

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Well, there is a story here. And like a good politician, Proud doesn't tell it.

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