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USDA Signs MOU with Rockefeller’s Council on Foundations to Exploit Rural America

The group will work with Obama’s newly created Rural Council, which Vilsack also chairs, to implement UN Agenda 21 – a 300-page, 40-chapter, “soft-law” policy that came out of the UN Conference on Environment and Development in Brazil in 1992. Though couched in eco-friendly motives, Agenda 21 will “severely limit water, electricity, and transportation- even deny human access to our most treasured wilderness areas, it would monitor all lands and people. No one would be free from the watchful eye of the new global tracking and information system,” wrote Berit Kjos in 1998. (Patrick Wood believes that today’s smart grids are doing just that, and gives an excellent 40-minute speech here.) Ironically, the Secretary made the announcement while hosting a White House Rural Forum at the Iowa State Fair, the same day news broke about how the USDA lied to farmers and ranchers about federal drought insurance. Vilsack has refused to pay up during the worse drought in US history. The Council on Foundations formed in 1949 and was joined by the Rockefellers in 1958. It has since morphed into a think tank drawing from the government and private sector. It is funded mainly by corporations and foundations (including Ford, Lilly, and General Mills) to provide “a wide variety of services primarily for endowed, grantmaking organizations throughout the United States and in foreign countries.” The Memorandum of Understanding will give corporations – whether dressed up as foundations or just openly themselves as profit-driven businesses – full and unhindered access to all resources in rural America, where oil, gas, uranium, coal, water and other resources are buried under people’s private property or under public lands.

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Comment by David Jackson
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    Here we go, again!

    It's distressing to think that, after all these many years, the citizens of the U.S. are still being threatened by the Council on Foreign Relations (no more a government agency than the federal reserve - though it controls most of foreign and domestic policy-making) and that most lunatic of creations, the United Nations. the sad fact is that PEOPLE DON'T KNOW AND DON'T CARE! We are being raped and are in the process of being made into indentured servants of the traitors and anti-American lackeys of an internationalist cabal of sub-human parasites and flaming assholes. This is not new. And, if I might be allowed one last observation, it's getting damned old!

   Thank you, Washington, D.C., as I extend my middle finger in your general direction...For everyone!  

Comment by Dracula Tepish
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this is to the deities who think they are gods and wish to dictate to us in the southwest were we live 

note to USDA AND ROCHATURD AND UN we will not comply with your socalled biodiversity thing it would be more appropriate that you all go find a nice auto wrecking yard and use their version of the trash compactor and go and jump in and turn on to end our problems with your insanity 

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