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The Day America Died


September 30, 2011 was the day America was assassinated.

Some of us have watched this day approach and have warned of its coming, only to be greeted with boos and hisses from "patriots" who have come to regard the US Constitution as a device that coddles criminals and terrorists and gets in the way of the President who needs to act to keep us safe.

In our book, The Tyranny of Good Intentions, Lawrence Stratton and I showed that long before 9/11 US law had ceased to be a shield of the people and had been turned into a weapon in the hands of the government. The event known as 9/11 was used to raise the executive branch above the law. As long as the President sanctions an illegal act, executive branch employees are no longer accountable to the law that prohibits the illegal act. On the president’s authority, the executive branch can violate US laws against spying on Americans without warrants, indefinite detention, and torture and suffer no consequences.

Many expected President Obama to re-establish the accountability of government to law. Instead, he went further than Bush/Cheney and asserted the unconstitutional power not only to hold American citizens indefinitely in prison without bringing charges, but also to take their lives without convicting them in a court of law. Obama asserts that the US Constitution notwithstanding, he has the authority to assassinate US citizens, who he deems to be a "threat," without due process of law.

In other words, any American citizen who is moved into the threat category has no rights and can be executed without trial or evidence.

On September 30 Obama used this asserted new power of the president and had two American citizens, Anwar Awlaki and Samir Khan murdered. Khan was a wacky character associated with Inspire Magazine and does not readily come to mind as a serious threat.


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Comment by James Eldridge
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More truth brought to our understanding by Paul C. Roberts. It is still one out of 10,000 that will come to understand this and that puts us on the loosing side. Getting the message out to the entire public will not happen except by snail mail and word of mouth. Again, as we have seen many times, this evil government has its goons that go out and do the murder of innocents without question. The MSM has been telling the lies long enough now that the majority of American's believe whatever the president says, even when you can see it as a lie. Its that comfort zone people live in that they do not want to get out of to do something about these things and to get them stopped. They would rather pay for it to happen then to risk the upset that will come with civil unrest and the possibility of martial law. Paychecks, other interests, too young, too old, too broke, alone, afraid and more, so it will not happen to see the masses get out and cause these things to come to an end. That never means that those of us that want to get things done should ever shut up about what is happening. Tell it until the end.

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