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What "Healthcare Reform" is Really All About

The Creation of another very large collectivized "Bucket of Money".

What??!, you thought it was more complicated than that?
The Income Tax, Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, 401Ks, IRAs, and every other Social and Economic Engineering programs of other government promises to take care of you was nothing more than an excuse to create a very large bucket to gather as much money as possible... and then steal it.
The theft may have been a constant drain or a single event. But to think that the shiny badge wearers of any government that have been able to elevate themselves to these positions of power without being part of the wealth robbing is to be naive.
I could on and on about how the most vile of human beings prey on the good nature of the masses. I could rant on about our being duped or brainwashed or lazy or even accomplices to the conning of generations. But the main point I hope to share with you is this...
The Healthcare Issue, no matter how it is resolved (Republicans come to the rescue with a 'conservative' compromise or whatever) will in the end have created a VERY LARGE BUCKET OF MONEY.
No matter what happens in the media or how this is spun as a compromise/win/defeat/reform, the bottom line is the creation of a very large new Bucket of Money to be looted.
A new line on your paycheck withholding... a "Mrs. FICA" (and boy will she love to shop).
I suggest we STOP creating buckets.
In the end there will be a rapid increase in the creation of new buckets. But there will be nothing left to fill them with. That's when you can be guaranteed of a revolution.

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