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Why do you continue to publish articles attacking Pastor Anderson?

Steven Anderson was violently assaulted by federal and state (AZ) law enforcement thugs a while back.  The next day after he got out of jail and returned home he was audacious enough -- according to the Arizona Department of Public Service's (DPS; aka State Police) own press release -- to post his story along with the terrible facial cuts on youtube of his ordeal and what transpired.  It went viral and millions of people viewed it much to the quick dismay of government. 
We saw that video the first day it went out and knew we had a powerful story of a man who had the courage to stand up to these permanent internal checkpoints being established inside the United States.  Ernie Hancock called him to make sure Mr. Anderson was doing what he was doing for all the right reasons.  And he was.  He knew on a visceral level that "Papers, Please!" on a road nowhere near the border (indeed without border access) was wrong!  He had stood his ground on the basis of his inalienable Constitutional Rights and had enforced them right up until two DPS goons laughingly busted out his side windows of his car and simultaneously tasered him multiple times from both sides.  All while he was seat belted into his vehicle with both hands over his face.

But the tasering fun wasn't good enough, they grabbed him and ground his face into the broken glass of his vehicle.  Then the Department they represent later complained when he had the nerve to post his assault images on youtube the next day.

Freedom's Phoenix has followed his story ever since, and will continue to do so.  But we are under no impression that Mr. Anderson is a libertarian and holds the same beliefs as us.  Nor does he have to.  He can be whomever he is and we would support him on this issue because he is in the right and he, as an individual, has had the enormous courage to stand up to the police state who violate our Rights every day. 

Several of our friends -- both libertarian and others -- have expressed dismay when we publish an article that is negative or they perceive harmful to Steven Anderson's image.  But Steven Anderson is who he is.  And now that he is famous he is open to scrutiny.  In this case Steven Anderson is a strict Baptist pastor; fire and brimstone, burning hell, old testament thumping preacher.  So guess what?  He has uncompromising and unfavorable opinions on homosexuals and President Obama.  Is this surprising? 
I do not agree with him on these issues and I am sure I disagree with him on many more.  But that does not shake my faith in him that he did the right and courageous thing at that internal checkpoint for himself, for his family and for all of us (this includes homosexuals, but not for Obama however as checkpoints don't apply to his limo).  And Steven Anderson should be applauded and supported for his stance at this illegal checkpoint. 

Whatever else he is or has to say is not relevant to this issue.  His notoriety may bring him more attention (publicity) for his ideas, and that is just fine.  They are his opinions and I will not shy away from disagreeing with him when I so disagree.  I also will not shy away from seeing to it that Freedom's Phoenix publishes a link to his attackers when they have something substantive to say.  After all he attacked them, seems only fitting that they get to reply.  Pastor Anderson is a grown man, fully capable of defending himself and his positions.  The two postings on Freedom's Phoenix so far are not groundless attacks upon him but referenced comments upon his ideas and have every right to be present upon our front page.

I would rather know the man I am defending up front now than be blind sided and distracted by things he believes later.  And no matter how vile and contemptible his enemies may claim him to be, it still does not mean he was not 100% within his Rights to refuse to cooperate at that internal government checkpoint.  And 100% within his Rights to complain about the brutal consequences heaped upon him at that checkpoint by those who have taken a sacred oath to first and foremost (actually solely in the case of the DPS thugs) defend Pastor Anderson's individual Rights, and betrayed that oath.  And I am 100% committed to defending his Rights on this issue no matter the man.  I hope you are too...even if Pastor Anderson disagrees with and attacks your decisions.

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Comment by Your Worst Nightmare (23592)
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 This clown, Steven Anderson is nothing but a trouble maker. I guess anyone can open a "so-called" Church these days, kinda like a Burger King.

Steven is obviously not educated, as his site clearly states. (as if we already didn't know that) He does nothing but preach hate and is not a contributing member of society. He hides behind the cover of a "so-called" church as if that is going to save him.

Save yourselves while you can, the members of his "so-called" church are on a sinking ship.

Comment by James Radcliffe (23559)
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Cindy said:

pastor anderson created his own mess, its a real shame for a so called pastor to be preaching hate to his congreation. He's not a true man of GOD.


You're obviously NOT a Christian and you do not know who God (YHWH) is. Why don't you stick to something you know...whatever that is.

There are things that YHWH truly HATES with a PERFECT hate. To teach against those things (such as homosexuality) is following the ways of YHWH's teaching. To fail to do so means YOU hate YHWH. So quit kidding yourself Cindy and join a Satanic cult.

Comment by Charles Gillespie (17877)
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I would like to underscore what Robert1963 said in that “who cares what a pastor's views are on homosexuals and Obama because far as i know in a free Republic that has absolutely no bearing on violation of constitutional rights of any American”.

I tried to make the same point on an earlier posting but found myself caught up in “big, steaming pile of S%*#” with someone who’s goal was to stir up in-house dissent amongst the brethren. Anyone who perpetuates strife amongst an already difficult job and with such an incredibly important mission under weigh deserves to be cast out in my opinion… and beyond that I fail to understand the ‘why’.

If it weren’t for one exceptionally devout Christian named “Renee”, who was the first person to make contact with Pastor Anderson and schedule the interview with Ernie, AND creator of the protest at Checkpoint Charlie 2 weeks later, (where Anderson’s beating / tasing took place) I doubt if much would have happened beyond “ANOTHER U.S. Citizen being raped by a system that does not support our constitutional rights”. She never seems to get credit for her role on many, many levels and I think it is important to keep matters De facto, especially with so much HATE flying about. Remember…“Don’t kill the messenger”??

We are all entitled to our rights (unless they have been removed by law) and opinion well within the scope of hearsay.   To continue down this path of rhetoric because we as a nation have turned away from God’s teaching in accordance with the Bible is not only very wrong, it is extremely dangerous…(Read the book of Revelations for example).

If a person chooses not to believe in God or the Bible, then ‘survival of the fittest’ will ultimately become your only choice even if you resist the NWO plan to optimize everyone’s life on Earth. Don’t believe me? Check out Darwin’s Law of Evolution by Natural Selection.

All I’m interested in is continuing to wake people up from this awful nightmare of perpetuated fear and lies, where upside is down beneath us and sideways seems straight ahead. It would be incredible if there wasn’t so much internal controversy and skepticism within the movement, but I suppose our founding fathers had their fare-share; (and then some?) according to history.

To Cindy Toolsie; it’s a shame you don’t study the scripture more before you spout your venomous retribution upon us based with weak doctrine. (Perhaps you have a spell check somewhere amongst all those cobwebs in your Bible)?

To H Ruth; if you ever listened to his entire sermon- (preferably in person) you would know Pastor Steve as a humble servant of our living-loving God. His charisma is NOT for the ‘faint of heart’, nor is he here to make everyone ‘feel good’ about their sinful lives. Yes, he IS shaking us up as a sleeping nation saying: "Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people." Proverbs 14:34. He reminds me a little of the main character in the movie ‘Passion of the Christ’, who was going around, waking people up…shaking up the ‘rulers’, causing everyone to question their own belief system and offering them truth and ‘good news’. It’s a shame I can’t quite remember that ‘character’s name…(it will come to me after I press 'Add Comment' tho).

To me; Pastor Anderson speaketh the truth, period. That is WHY we are so captivated by his story and preaching, regardless of whether it comes from the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights or Christian Bible. This man does not lie, nor is he a quitter. If ANYONE reading this had a fraction of Steve’s courage, I doubt they would have stood up for the Constitution or God’s Law for that matter…but it’s so much easier to sit and type despairing remarks out of both sides of one’s mouth with little consideration for a man’s right to privacy.

Blessings to the peacemakers~

Comment by H Ruth (23522)
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to Mitch Powell" Please be carefull because your pastor's messages of hate and death are luring people to destroy him. don't get caught in the crossfire. When someone spews that much hate and calls thenselves a Pastor, it does not appear to be Christian. . Your pastor never went to seminary school, did you know that? Your Pastor appears to be crying out for help. Me, I will pray your pastor can apologize to the border patrol and the President, whether i agree with the policies or not. then I think your Pastor owes you an apology and to his family for setting them up like that to zealots of opposite thought.

Comment by Cindy Toolsie (23518)
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pastor anderson created his own mess, its a real shame for a so called pastor to be preaching hate to his congreation. He's not a true man of GOD. He has blasphemed the Lord's name by misusing scriptures. He will be held accountable. this so-called pastor needs God's wisdom. The LORD said if any of you lack wisdom ask of GOD who gives it liberally. GOD is a GOD of love and not hate. you shall fall by the sword of your own mouth. I believe this man should repent and ask GOD's mercy on his sinning soul. He's making GOD'S word of non effect, preaching vain things, where is his scripture back up for wishing  the president to die, what if GOD strike him dead? leaving his wife a widow and his kinds orphans would he like this?  He's a false teacher, Your question is silly powell gammill, oh its alright for you to call the officials goons what about anderson who cannot muzzle it. This man have no character. He should refrain from taking the LORD's name in vain . His congregation shall flee from him, provoking hate can lead some innocent person to committ the very hateful act this man is talking about. He should be thrown in the lions den. Shame on you!!! no wonder why he was tasered and beaten it servers him right, with his foul mouth. GOD have mercy on him. God don't need his help in spreading the Gospel, there are many true and faithful, honest mighty men of GOD, to feed his sheep.

Comment by Mitch Powell (23509)
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Hello, I am Mitch, I go to Pastor Anderson's Church.  Anderson is a good man, with 5 children + wife.  He is a Constitutionalist, which is not too much different from a Libertarian.  Anderson preaches the Bible, and that's all there is to it.  Anderson stands up for what he believes in.  

Comment by Powell Gammill (13871)
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Oyote, you apparently need to stand on a sidewalk holding a sign that reads, "Vaccines = POISON!"

I am sorry for you that tasers have pretty much replaced being sodomized with a nightstick. 

Comment by Found Zero (11589)
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What pisses me off as a transvestitve homosexual right winger is the cops never ever spank me no matter how sweetly I ask them. I've even volunteered my handcuffs. Nobody will beat me. It sucks. I try so hard.

Comment by Robert B (23294)
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 I am sitting here as a grown man trying to figure out the whole point of this article? That being said. who cares what a pastor's views are on homosexuals and Obama because far as i know in a free Republic that has absolutely no bearing on violation of constitutional rights of any American. Are we going to start deciding if ones Rights are as important as another because of their personal moral views on certain  issues that another would have a conflict with? Why even bring it up? Here is a moronic example of what this article brings to mind: "I fully support Mr Anderson even thought i think his moral views on certain issues directly are apposed to mine" How moronic of a statement is that! I for one don't care in the least if a persons moral or political views are apposed to mine if their constitutional rights are being violated! I would think the only people that would care are people who have not exactly grown up mentally. Americans better get beyond the bullshit and just support each others constitutional rights when they are violated or it will be the complete end of this Republic!!@! P.S. Its down right funny to me when anyone spend a great deal of energy to bring up a non-public servants personal views as if they have anythning to do with the issue at hand but on the other hand the elected public servants get away with the murder of our Bill Of Rights because we as Americans spend a great deal more time and energy on trival matters that are by no means connected to the issue at hand!

Comment by Freed Radical (3141)
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The "Border" Patrol (in conjunction with AZ DPS and other "law enforcement" agencies) has roadside checkpoints well inside the border of the United States. Some are fairly permanent, while others float from place to place, typically between 5-100 miles of the actual border with Mexico (and Canada, I hear as well). None of them are on the actual border preventing anybody from crossing. At these checkpoints, all vehicles must stop and submit their identification papers to armed agents of the state and agree to a warrantless search of their vehicle under the threat of being beaten or Tasered by the armed agents.

Eric New
Comment by Anonymous ()
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Someone needs to explain to me what and where are these internal government checkpoints?