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Criminal Justice System

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Current human DNA tests take two to three weeks to be completed, and must be sent into an accredited laboratory. But a new rapid test, which could analyze human DNA in 90 minutes in the field, is nearly complete, Pentagon and industry officials told

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Last week, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s use of racial and ethnic profiling cost Maricopa County at least $22 million to monitor and re-train those in the county’s employ. This week, Sheriff Arpaio announced that he is punishing 38 unpatriotic inma

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Jonathan Turley

Former St. Clair County Circuit Judge Michael Cook is facing a nightmare after pleading guilty to buying and using heroin while on the bench. He is far better off than his supplier, Sean McGilvery who is looking at a 11 year prison term for the crime

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by Radley Balko (Washington Post)

If this report on a speech Florida State Attorney Angela Corey gave at a luncheon last week is accurate, it paints an alarming picture of a public official who has the power to put people in prison—and in Florida, to send people to their deaths.