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Drugs and Medications

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Back in the wood-paneled living room of their Lexington, Kentucky, home that afternoon, Patrick and his parents began an impromptu family meeting about what to do next. Patrick's father, Jim, took his usual seat in the big red chair, and Patrick'

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"If I don't have my black robe on, I'm just like anybody else," Oregon District Judge Gregory Baxter once pontificated from the bench. "But if I am wearing my black robe I expect my orders to be followed."

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"A lot of times, instead of paying a tax rate that should be 30 to 40%, they are paying rates between 80 or 90%," Cornelius, the accountant, said. "I even have a client right now that is paying more than 100% effective tax rate."

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The Food and Drug Administration can make two types of errors. It can approve a drug that has dangerous unanticipated side effects, or it can reject or delay approval of a drug that is safe and effective.

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It's not every day we get to interview a former presidential candidate, but today, we get to do just that. Before he became the Libertarian Party's presidential nominee, Gary Johnson was a very successful – and highly innovative -- Governor

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