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When it comes to protecting themselves from environmental health threats, many Americans have put their trust in the Environmental Protection Agency. Unfortunately, despite the enormous chunk of funding it receives – it requested $10.5 billion dolla

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The unknown risks of "geoengineering" — in this case, tweaking Earth's climate by dimming the skies — left many uneasy. If we could experiment with the atmosphere and literally play God, it's very tempting to a scientist," said earth scientist Richar

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Kukla has been warning of the possibility of new Ice Age for some time, and the cycle which he and other scientists believe may drive the process of climate change has been observed since at least the 1920s. Eleven years ago, Kukla gave a brief summa

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What in the world do they WANT from us - now the environmentalists are going after ALTERNATIVE energy. They leave us NO solution!

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Two weeks after the earthquake and tsunami, Japan's crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power complex continues to spread both radiation and distrust of nuclear power as the plant's situation lurches from hopeful to harrowing and back again.

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Unconfirmed reports are circulating of a new, very large oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico about 20 miles from the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster There are reports that the Coast Guard is investigating a new, very large oil spill in the Gulf of Mexic

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