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Phoenix Libertarians

According to the Republic, "Mayor Phil Gordon said the council has the option of reversing its decision after it hears from the public during 15 budget hearings planned for this month" (Phoenix Gives OK to 2% Tax on Food;, 02/03/10)

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Douglas Bruce, a long time activist in Colorado and well known tax opponent, was recently arrested for petitioning at a CostCo (contact: 591-3000) to get the issue of repealing the rain tax, the storm water tax, or any number of other things that it has been called, back on the ballot. Irrespective of the name, in this case it is a fee. (It becomes a tax if any of it is diverted to the city from the enterprise that charges it.) It was not approved by the voters and violates TABOR, if not in letter then in spirit.

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 Property taxes affect homeowners, renters, small business owners, commercial concerns, farmers, factories - everyone.   Despite lower market values, property tax rates are going up and the county valuations used to calculate tax are going up.   You will hear that the legislature is cutting property taxes or making previous tax cuts "permanent", yet no one will actually experience a cut and all but a small few will experience property tax increases!   Here's the story....