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A SWAT team in Cornelia, Georgia attacked a 19-month old baby with a concussion grenade during a no-knock search. Just before three a.m. On May 28th, paramilitary police forces invaded a home where Alecia Phonesavanh was staying with her family.

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In juvenile courts across the country, children often face the full weight of the criminal justice system without the protection of a defense attorney. Children may be pressured by judges or prosecutors to waive their right to an attorney.

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“I was offended by it…” said Allegheny Township police Assistant Chief L.J. Berg who took Brubaker's flag down and charged him with desecration and insults to the American flag. “I removed it from the building, folded it properly and seized it as evi

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Trinity Springs Baptist Church in Martin County, Indiana, a 157 year old church just won a great victory, not only for Trinity Springs, but for all of the unregistered churches of Indiana and the Biblical Law Center of Indianapolis that prepared the

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Nevada's Supreme Court decided motorists can be stopped and searched if a tiny rock scratches a vehicle's windshield. The court took up a case where a police officer stopped a motorist but was wrong about the statute governing windshields.