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Bill of Rights

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Simple Justice

The Supreme Court, in a 6-3 decision, figured out something the Second Circuit couldn't: no rubber band can stretch a mile. The Court held Bailey's seizure a mile away from an apartment where a search warrant was executed wasn't close enough.

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Tuesday in prime time, the NDAA was actually mentioned - and invoked - in a television show. NCIS/LA is one of the most popular shows in prime time. Is it good that liberty activists can point to this invocation or bad in that the police state is c

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Instead of the traditional Republicon versus Demoliar debate which ensues for theatrics on cable news, I thought a more prudent analysis of the State of the Union after Obama’s first term is much more appropriate and realistic as to where our nation

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This video gives a further explanation of the Second Amendment to the Constitution in the context of the why the Bill of Rights was included along with the establishment of the Federal Government.

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Today there is a raging debate in our republic about so-called "gun control," which is really just a euphemism for theft of rights.

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A federal judge let the New York Police Department resume stop-and-frisk stops she believes are unconstitutional while she decides what permanent remedies are necessary to prevent illegal stops at thousands of privately owned buildings.

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