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Many popular Facebook apps are obtaining sensitive information about users—and users' friends—so don't be surprised if details about your religious, political and even sexual preferences start popping up in unexpected places.

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Government officials want to data-mine social media to scan for criminal activity. But are their efforts just a complete waste of time?

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Since the microblogging service exploded in popularity just a few short years ago, Twitter’s most egregious problem has been spam. Type ‘iPad’ in a tweet, and expect a deluge of twitterbots @replying you with fake offers of $99 discount tablets.

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The administrator of a second-tier al-Qaeda site recently posted a message on an online forum saying that “the media arena is witnessing a vicious attack by the cross and its helpers on the jihadi media castles.”

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The state's legislature has passed a bill which would update an existing telephone harassment law to apply to the Internet and other forms of electronic communication. The problem, though, is that it dramatically broadens the scope, making it poten

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Washington's relentless pursuit of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, and alleged whistle-blower Bradley Manning, is no secret. But the fate of the two men has got US journalists worried, that they too could soon find themselves behind bars.