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However, as Gingrich collapsed in Iowa, Ron Paul surged, building support among independents, liberals, and traditional conservatives alike. Paul’s coalition demonstrates – in tangible reality – a formula for success in the general election against O

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Lew Rockwell blog

The crying, lying woman in the vicious Youtube attack video, "Ron Paul Xmas gift makes Woman cry," where she deliberately misquotes Paul’s book, "Liberty Defined," has been identified: She is Emily Schrader from Palos Verdes, CA. Her credentials:

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by Glenn Greenwald (Salon)

America’s election season degrades mainstream political discourse even beyond its usual lowly state. The worst attributes of our political culture — obsession with trivialities, the dominance of horserace “reporting,” and mindless partisan loyalties

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At most of Ron Paul’s events in Iowa this week, little was said about the bad press that has buffeted him outside his intimate town halls. While Paul and his fans were decrying the secrecy of the Federal Reserve, the national media highlighted a past