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Rick Santorum's last-minute surge in the Iowa caucus brought him neck-and-neck with Mitt Romney in the first contest of the 2012 race to select a Republican presidential candidate. But it came too late to attract the harsh scrutiny usually visited on

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It was a visit to Keene from Rick Santorum. Local liberty activists decided to go and sing him some "chronic carols" (classic carol tunes with lyrics opposing the war on drugs). The Associated Press was there with their cameras and here's the selec

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People keep thinking that by voting in the right group of people we can change our corrupted system even though the evidence to the contrary exists.  Since the founding of our nation, Congress and the Judiciary have slowly usurped both our inali

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As a knowledgeable friend explained to me in 2008, it is extremely difficult to reach many traditional voters, who decide on which candidate to choose on the basis of how much he sounds like the typical GOP product they’ve come to expect.