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"If you allow people to make people to make their own decisions, you actually get good outcomes for society," says Rep. Justin Amash in his recent interview with Reason Magazine's Nick Gillespie. "And that really is something that I think about a lot

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New York Times

Mr. Paul has been fairly explicit about his potential interest in running for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016, so it is safe to assume that at least some of his actions are colored by his interest in positioning himself for the primari

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(From a Reader) At tonite's Legislative District 22 meeting for us PCs, we got a little talk from State Chairman Robert Graham. He announced a new initiative from the state party going forward into the next election cycle. We were the first

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Last Wednesday, Sen. Rand Paul rose on the Senate floor to declare a filibuster and pledge he would not sit down until either he could speak no longer or got an answer to his question about Barack Obama’s war powers.

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Written By:    (Publisher: They don't deserve to use this logo in their promotion IMNSHO. My hope is that Ron Paul does NOT give them the pleasure and benefit of his presence... without having to PAY :)