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"Some last minute drama has been injected into the race for chairman of the Republican National Committee as a national committeeman from the Ron Paul wing of the party is mounting a last minute effort to challenge Reince Priebus for chairman.

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Sen. Rand Paul kicked off his trip to Israel Sunday, joining several prominent GOP operatives for an eight-day tour that has heightened the Kentucky Republican's international profile and fueled further speculation about a 2016 presidential run.

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BULLSHIT! - Bottomline: Previous Tax rate expired Dec 31 2012. That means that the rate went from about 13% to 35%... for a day. Then Republicans "Cut Taxes" to 20%... so it's not really an increase of 7% it's a cut of 15%. Still Voting?

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George Donnelly ( and Shield Mutual) on activist insurance - Gary Franchi's New TV show and Questions about the SuperPAC - Will Grigg (award-winning investigative journalist, writer, producer)

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