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The U.S. government and Swiss banking giant UBS AG have reached an agreement in a case seeking names of some 52,000 suspected American tax evaders with billions in secret Swiss accounts, but details may remain under wraps until next week, officials said.

Lawyers for the government and UBS told a federal judge in a brief conference call they had initialed a deal after a delay last week to settle undisclosed details.


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The Swiss government held a special session to discuss the U.S. tax evasion case hanging over Swiss bank UBS as negotiations to settle the issue dragged on.

The Swiss government, currently in recess, is holding an extraordinary meeting.

Switzerland and the United States failed to agree on a settlement that would spare UBS a tax trial, and talks will continue until August 12, when a new status conference with U.S. Judge Alan Gold is scheduled.


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Las Vegas Review Journal


While Ron Paul is calling on Congress to audit the Federal Reserve, his brother Wayne Paul has been testifying here in federal court about how Wayne's monetary views have shaped the beliefs of Robert Kahre, a Las Vegas business owner who is on trial for evading income taxes.

The trial before Judge David Ezra is nearing its conclusion, as the defense rested its case Thursday. Both sides will present closing arguments next week.

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"Oregon has successfully tested a Vehicle Miles Traveled fee, and it is time to expand and test the VMT program across the country," he said. "A VMT system can better assess fees based on use of our roads and bridges, as well as during times of peak congestion, than a fee based on fuel consumption.

"It is time to get creative and find smart ways to rebuild and renew America's deteriorating infrastructure," he said.


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Sales under the U.S. government's "cash for clunkers" auto incentive topped 180,000 with Toyota Motor Corp overtaking Ford Motor Co with the top-selling vehicle, officials said.

Separately, a Senate vote on a $2 billion proposal to extend the popular program was set for Thursday after Democrats and Republicans agreed to consider seven possible amendments.


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Flopping Aces

I thought Obama wasn’t going to raise our taxes? Tuesday, the U.S. Energy Information Administration released their study of the impacts of the Democrat’s Cap and Trade program which recently passed the House of Representatives. Bloomberg news sorted through the bureaucratic language in the report and found:

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Economic Policy Journal

James Pethokoukis has put together the following list: 1) Obama knows the budget math doesn’t work. 2) Obama seems to prefer tax hikes to spending cuts. 3) Obama has already tried raising taxes. 4) Obama’s advisers are for higher taxes. 5) Obama doesn’t seem to think high taxes are harmful. Bottom line, Obama is an egalitarian who believes that to be a upstanding member of your community, you need to turn more and more of your money over to him, so that he can disperse it to unions, Goldman Sachs and the ever expanding government bureaucracy.

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Many Americans have recently become outraged at the Cap and Trade bill. Global warming has been proven to be a lie. But what no one has talked about yet is how organizations that are heavily supported by the patriot community are supporting the agendas just listed and more.

Are you opposed to the Cap and Trade? Are you pro-life? Do you support the Second Amendment? Do you oppose those that are promoting a global warming lie? Do you oppose the real ID act? (which was birthed by the DHS) Do you oppose the NWO plan of Depopulation?

Then you must oppose numbers USA, and all organizations that support and back Numbers USA. Why? Because Numbers USA has on their board of advisors individuals that support all of the above.

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[a little late] A day after President Obama threw his support behind the American Clean Energy and Security Act, one of the world’s most prominent environmental advocacy organizations has come out in strong opposition to the bill, which is set to go to a full vote on the House floor as early as Friday.