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TAXES: Federal

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Economic Policy Journal

Given the partisan differences on Capitol Hill, lawmakers backing the bill say that attaching the online sales tax bill to a broader measure may be the proposal’s best shot. Though some think that even if tax "reform" gets bog down, an online sales t

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It hasn’t drawn much attention, but Facebook’s first annual earnings report contains an accounting gem: a multibillion-dollar tax deduction for the cost of executive stock options and share awards.

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New York Times

Congressional Democrats were closing in on legislation to temporarily head off deep across-the-board spending cuts, convinced that once federal furloughs and layoffs begin political pressure on Republicans to accept more tax increases will become irr

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On February 3rd, 1913, one of the two most historic events in US history took place: the ratification of the 16th amendment, which established Congress’ right to impose a Federal income tax on Americans, and overturned Article I, Section 9 of the US

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Russia Today

Smokers, beware: tobacco penalties under President Obama’s Affordable Care Act could subject millions of smokers to fees costing thousands of dollars, making healthcare more expensive for them than Americans with other unhealthy habits. The Afford