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WAR: About that War

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Qaeda and the Iranian Shi’ite regime are only acting in character; they are the carnivores of the current political world and cannot be expected to begin acting like herbivores. They have openly declared their intentions many times over and have give

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NATO helicopters fired rockets at gunmen on the rooftop of a besieged Kabul hotel early on Wednesday, ending a more than four-hour standoff between militants and police that left at least seven dead and eight others wounded, Afghan officials said.

Focus on Peace

The DECLARE PEACE FAIR will be held at Independence Visitors Center lawn area)6th & Market Streets, Phila., PA on Saturday, July 2 from 1 p.m.–3:30 p.m. Focus on Peace will have a table at the event. Come out and support us in our outreach efforts

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Now that Obama will go into the silly season of American presidential politics claiming he ended the occupation of Afghanistan, it is time for the Pentagon to get serious about its effort to destabilize Pakistan and prepare for the next world war.

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This morning, the House of Representatives is debating a pair of pro-war resolutions surrounding the war in Libya, with the first vote echoing the McCain/Kerry “one year authorization” bill in the Senate and the other masquerading as the antiwar choi

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