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WAR: About that War

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Article Image By Karen Kwiatkowski

…a big war, a global war, with the US, the NATO artifice, and tiny Israel against the rest of the world. Who can deny that this is the fantasy of many in the US government, and in the governments of the poorly-led socialist states in Europe?

Article Image by Paul Craig Rob

Each of us faces each day threats to our health, happiness, and life. Overarching it all, we collectively face death from nuclear weapons.

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Ron Paul Institute - Andrew Napolitano

Can the president fight any war he wishes? Can Congress fund any war it chooses? Are there constitutional and legal requirements that must first be met before war is waged?

Article Image,By Jacob G. Hornberger

As a consequence of the war between Israel and the Palestinians, U.S. troops in Iraq have come under drone attacks, owing to anger arising from the U.S. government's unconditional military support of the Israeli government.


Israel has killed multiple times as many people since October 7 as were killed on October 7, has caused many times more destruction since October 7 than was caused on October 7, and has inflicted many times more pain and suffering since October 7 tha